Glass Iris Productions was founded by Matthew Johnson and  Lauren Scoville with the intention of bringing the studio to the small business.  

"As filmmakers we understand that you have an idea that needs attention to grow. We will provide the necessary care and resources to help promote and strengthen your idea using visual media."

Founded in 2016, our studio has worked alongside doughnut shops, neighborhood sports teams, local non-profits and marched for Science. We have created several short films using local actors and crew from the Pacific Northwest.


We pride ourselves on using micro-budgets to give our customers more bang for their buck! This means effective promotional material and quality work while saving on the budget.

In 2018 we moved from our garage in Federal Way to our very own studio in downtown Seattle! With a photo backdrop, green screen space, light grid and soundproof voice-over booth, we have created a self-sufficient headquarters for digital media that is at your disposal.

big changes in 2019! With the new addition to our talented team, our studio is now growing and we want to pass on the good karma. We have opened our doors to people who wish to get involved with the film industry in just about any capacity. It all culminates in a finished production that will give everyone the much-needed experience that all producers are looking for. 

Studio Manager

Matthew P. Johnson studied at the Art Institute of Seattle towards a degree in Digital media Producing Cinematography and Directing for film.  He has produced or assisted in commercials, short length features as well as music videos and other visual media.

Matthew P. Johnson Glass Iris Studios
Lauren Scoville Glass Iris Studios.jpg

Financial Manager

Lauren Scoville is a trained actor, singer and producer of theater. She graduated from Highline College with an Associate's degree in Arts. She also has over 8 years of producing and directing short form stories, concerts and other live media. 

Together Lauren and Matthew have produced several short films, sketches for a Seattle-based comedy troupe and a line of commercials for local businesses!

Janejira Damro Glass Iris Studios

Social media manager

Janejira Damron is a published author, cosplayer, and artist. She graduated from Seattle Film Institute with a Bachelor's degree in Arts. Her ultimate goal is to create animated feature films.

Name pronunciation: Jane-Gee-Raah. Dam-rawn.