Crew/Office Application

We are always looking for talented people to take up paid crew and office worker positions. We are growing and need some desks filled. Below is a list of open jobs we are filling along with a basic description and our work requirements. Our Studio is owned and operated by two firm believers in equal opportunity employment and a safe working environment. 

If you are interested in applying here are our requirements:

  1. Degree from an accredited institution preferred 

  2. Also accepting entry level

  3. Legal resident of WA state

  4. A working form of transportation

  5. Working Telephone contact

  6. age 18+

  7. Ability to lift 25 lbs or heavier safely

  8. Have the ability to work unsupervised and stick to an approved plan

  9. Phone etiquette a must

  10. Ability to work nights and weekends with at least 48 hours notice


Office Position:

If you are looking for part time office work then Glass Iris Studios has you covered! We are looking for 2 - 4 individuals to help out with day to day operations, such as;


Recruiting future and existing clients

Pitching to groups of 4 or crowds of 15 people or more

Attend Networking events as a representative of G.I.S.

Meeting with owners of G.I.S. for update and marketing strategies

Cleaning and maintaining a safe work environment in the office


Organize, compile and keep in contact with a list of clients

Advocating for our client during production meetings

Being available 24-7 for client needs

Acting as the go between with clients and Design Teams

Take direction and relay information with little to no errors

Representing Clients on set and in the writing room.

Cleaning and maintaining a safe work environment in the office.

Crew Position:

Office work not for you? Well we are always looking for crew! Our studio is constantly working on productions from Student projects to Independent theater. Each position is paid and the descriptions are below.


Job Title: Production lead

Length: contracted

Pay: Contracted


A production lead is responsible with moving and supporting the camera operators and equipment

Constructing equipment and moving gear from HQ to set

Set, Manage and safely move lights before, during and after filming

Job title: Production Assistant

Length: Contracted

Pay: Contracted


Tracking scripts & running the schedule

Assisting with on set duties like organization, actor wrangling, prop management & Continuity tracking 


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