What you need is exposure.

It doesn't matter if you have a great product, an exciting business venture or even a billion-dollar story idea. These days, 90% of all we experience is visual. 


Not all businesses can afford the "luxury car commercial" budget--but that's where we come in.

We have broken our work into separate categories to help guide you through the next step. Once you have decided what type of project you are wanting, please call or email to

set up a one-on-one, FREE consultation!



Ambient/foley packs

If you are making any kind of film, chances are you will need sound. Getting a soundproof booth and the equipment to record even just one “bang” can cost a lot of time and money.

We at Glass Iris want to help. Here we are opening our library of sound to YOU! From room tones and ambient noises to foley crashes, cracks, and screams.

All materials are recorded by Glass Iris Productions in service to the artistic community.

Audio lines

Want to make your tabletop RPG game a little more immersive or maybe you have an Indie game that needs some cheap sound effects?

We have multiple in-house talent recording an ever-expanding list of generic lines to add a layer of realism. Each file is recorded and mixed by Glass Iris Studio to ensure playability on multiple platforms Our tracks are compatible with virtual tabletops like and even video editing software like Adobe.

We will set the mood and help you build that fantasy into reality.

Audio books

Want to bring your book to life? We have a professional crew of voice actors willing to work with you. Take your work to the next level. 

The total cost will depend on the length of the book and the number of actors requested.
The finished audio transcript will be sold on Glass Iris Studios web store for  $10.
50% of the sale will go to the original author.
50% will go to Glass Iris Studios for recording services and a spot on our e-store and narrator royalties.

If said book or audio transcript is sold to a second publisher, Glass Iris Studios would be entitled to 30% of the total (lump sum or monthly royalties).
The talent would be entitled to 10% (lump sum)



Studio Rental

Studio Rental sPACE

As part of the Seattle Peerspace community, we strive for excellence in the photography/videography and general studio rentals.  We offer a large space for all kinds of shoots, offering multiple paper roll colors as well as additional equipment for last minute shoots

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 11.56.29

Soundproof recording booth

Perfect for actors to record their reels or even an audiobook. However, we cannot record musicians with instruments at this time.



Breaking into the industry takes hard work, dedication, and a competent representative. While you can easily take care of the first two, a competent rep is very hard to come by.

Why? Well, talent agencies make money purely from the commission. Each talent they represent can pay between 10-20% of the talent’s pay. The more talent one representative has, the more money he/she will make. It’s a great earnings scheme if your sole purpose is to represent talent.

Here at Glass Iris Studios, we want you to achieve MORE.

Glass Iris’ sole dedication is to producing and creating original content for web, commercial and Independent film, OR whoever needs the production help. Each talent is placed in a rotating schedule for our originals. Once you have been picked you will be called in, PAID and given copies of the work for your reel.

We take ZERO talent commission from any Glass Iris Production. That means if we help produce anything you’re in-- ZERO commission for us. More money in YOUR pocket.

Most importantly, we aren’t clingy! When you make it big time, no worries! That’s what we are here for. Think of us as the minor league of actors and filmmakers; your step up to prime time.

But wait—there’s more!  We actively encourage you to seek out projects while WE represent YOU outside this studio, supporting you as you become a working professional.

Call today to set up a meeting to see how we can help you.


New to acting and need some pointers, headshots, and experience? Look no further. Glass Iris Studios is here to help train you in the long road of performance art. If its stage or film, we can help coach you towards success.

Our beginner class is $325 and covers 8 weeks of courses. We offer a payment plan for the working artists.

$125 covers 2 weeks with a weekly fee of only $33.50.


  • A full introductory course on acting for both film and stage

  • Script analysis and breakdown techniques

  • Motion and movement exercises

  • Audition prepping

  • Basic contract overview

  • And much more!

​Already a working actor that needs to keep his skills sharp or expand on existing techniques? Look no further. Our one on one course is perfect for you! We can help you grow by specializing in YOU.

Some of our services include

  • Voice Coaching

  • Stage Combat

  • Introduction to Directing

  • Character Growth


Intermediate classes are by appointment only. $450 for three appointments. Or three payments of $150.

Glass Iris Acting
Glass Iris Acting
Glass Iris Acting

Commercial video

Glass Iris Productions is a small business dedicated to advertising specifically for other small businesses

Our team is trained in commercial photography, videography and marketing! We can take any skill, product or service and create directed marketing to your demographics. We can also use our talents to help reach NEW audiences and potential customers, maximizing YOUR earnings.


Advertising for your small business is a cornerstone in its success 

Glass Iris Productions also understands the restraints and concerns some business owners have when it comes to dealing with “professional advertisers” and “filmmakers”.

That is why we pride ourselves on working for your budget! Can’t afford a luxury car commercial budget? NO ONE CAN! Those commercials cost the same as a large house!


By working with your budget we can bring the most bang for the buck while saving you a headache and countless hours of production time.

Want to know more? Call or email and ask about a free consultation on how we can help you. It only takes about an hour and we can come to or call you!

We look forward to helping you in the future.